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A Good Day to Launch

After almost two years of keeping this project to ourselves, we're finally ready to transform what began as our humble passion into a reality that we'll hopefully write together. Here's a little about us – our story, our passions, and our Kickstarter launch.

Our Inspiration

...above all else, is music. It's a driving force across all facets of our lives; to go even deeper, it's a defining aspect of our identities. Especially today, given our unprecedented access, music is becoming evermore personal. Knowing this, we wanted to create audio products that could answer to the depths of personality and taste – to be understood by the vastest array of unique listeners. Our goal is to return control to you by using real preferences to personalize everything from sound and design to the buying experience. 

How we began

Over two years ago, our founders came together with a desire to create a wholly new approach to buying, using, and listening to audio products. Knowing just how personal music is to us, we wanted to create an experience that could be fully understandable as yours. We wanted to share with you our own personal joys found in music – in its immediacy, sustain, and necessity. 

We have a pretty eclectic team. A few have over decades of experience founding and leading some of the biggest players in our space; others, are more creative types, with more experience as songwriters and artists before joining Axel. All in all, we're a team of experienced and new, championing science and story, analog and digital. Our goal is to cohere to the vast array of narratives out there, and in the process, marry as many contrasts as possible.

Now we're here

Before finalizing all the fine details of production  before being able to get these headphones in your hands   we need your help. We're officially launching our project through a Kickstarter campaign. We believe that Kickstarter is a remarkably unique platform, one enables us to be collaborative and engaged with our future community of users. With more creative control, we compromise less and create better products. To us, self-sustenance and self-determination are key.

Our project is live, up and running. We've put our hearts into telling our story, and even more so, in inviting you to be a part of it all.

Any form of support – a share, a like, a pledge – is all we ask, with many thanks. Please join us in making this possible.

If you haven't done so, also check us out and like us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Tell all your friends about us.