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Axel Audio Featured in The T Magazine of The New York Times

Many thanks to The T Magazine of The New York Times for including Axel in your roundup of 7 Must-Have Essentials for 2016!  




"The just-launched headphones brand Axel Audio is a family affair, founded by Sam Oh, who’s been in the consumer electronics business for nearly three decades, along with his daughter and son (who happens to be a Korean indie-rock star who recently won “Superstar K,” the country’s biggest “American Idol”-style show). A variety of aesthetic elements of the brand’s cushy over-ear headphones can be customized — ear cup size, plus colors for the headband, insert, ear cup and cable. But the more exciting development is that the sound itself can be tailored, too: You choose your audio experience based on the kind of music you listen to most. (If you’re not sure which to choose, they’ve developed an app that will analyze the perfect “Soundscape” for you based on your Spotify playlists.) The headphones are also completely modular, meaning you can swap the ear cups out if you’re transitioning from Biggie to Brahms or vice versa.
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